Will Smith blames Twitter for Bieber’s problems, Bieber thanks him on Twitter

After Will Smith cites Twitter as the cause of many of Justin Bieber’s problems, what does Bieber do? Takes to Twitter to thank him!

Will gave an interview to Capital FM in London [listen here] where he said he did just as much stupid stuff as Justin when he was 19 but luckily there was no Twitter or smart phones to capture every moment so he could get away with it in private.

Justin then decided to thank Will by posting a link to Capital FM on Twitter, which kind of goes against what Will was saying …

‘Will Smith is the man! @officialjaden u r cool too 🙂

I’m sure he has his number and could send him a quick text to say thanks but obviously everything has to be done publicly these days.

Speaking of … Justin has decided to keep us all guessing about his relationship with Selena Gomez by posting a picture of them hugging on his Instagram account with the caption

‘You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle’ – her.”

[c] Justin Bieber Instagram

[c] Justin Bieber Instagram

At first I thought this meant they were back together but Beliebers, who know everything there is to know about their idol, have pointed out he’s missing his new tiger tattoo from his left arm so who knows.

He might claim to hate all the attention but it’s pretty obvious Justin loves it.


Burn! Selena Gomez makes Justin Bieber cry

I’ve been converted to a Selena Gomez fan after seeing this hilarious clip from her interview with David Letterman.

David brings up her ex Justin Bieber and says “Last time he was on the show he and I got into a conversation and he said something and I said something and then he said something and I said something and I made him cry.” [ a reference to Bieber’s embarrassing appearance on the show last year when he didn’t know what the Sistine Chapel was].

While Selena can be a little prickly in interviews, especially when it comes to Justin, she wins herself a whole lot of new fans with her witty response.

Laughing, she pats Letterman on the knee and deadpans “Well then that makes two of us,” leaving the audience and host in stitches.

I love the fistbump between David and Selena too!

Check out the video below, you’ll find it pretty hard not to be charmed.