Celebrity hypocrite: Alec Baldwin

New pictures emerged over the weekend of Alec Baldwin physically attacking a paparazzo, ironically taken by the other paps present.


While it’s been claimed the photographer in question [Paul Adao] was ‘aggressively pursuing’ Alec and his wife Hilaria, I find it difficult to have much sympathy for them, and not just because Alec is a renowned ass. We all remember that ‘rude, thoughtless, little pig’ voicemail right?

After marrying Alec, 29-year-old yoga teacher Hilaria landed a job as a ‘lifestyle correspondent’ for TV show Extra. [Wonder how she got it?]

The couple also gave the show a number of exclusives including the news that she was pregnant, the sex of the baby and even a tour of the tot’s nursery.

And how does Extra describe itself? Extra has the hottest celebrity and entertainment news, photosgossipscandalsvideosgamesmusicmoviestelevisionstar sightings and more!’

So, I’m not sure if the Baldwins realise this but all of those photos, videos and star sightings that Extra is so proud of……………. they come from the paps.

I totally get that being surrounded by photographers every day when you just want to go out for a walk is a nightmare but people like Alec and Hilaria who court the attention and in her case, works for a company that relies on pap pictures, don’t really have a leg to stand on.

Which also makes this recent tweet of hers completely hypocritical: 


Justin Bieber threatens to beat up a pap … no one takes him seriously

While it’s pretty evident from watching this video that one photographer in particular was trying to get a reaction out of Justin Bieber, he’s an idiot for falling for it.

The whole thing is so ridiculous, from his bizarre hunched over run to the waiting car, to his laughable threat to “beat the f**k” out of the pap and being easily restrained by his own bodyguard.

He just looks like an overgrown toddler. Not the chiselled hunk he’s been trying to be with all those recent topless shots.

It’s been one PR disaster after another for Bieber recently. And while he blamed the late start to his show at the O2 on Monday on technical problems, this video makes all those stories about him throwing a tantrum a lot easier to believe.

Are we looking at another child star meltdown of Britney proportions or will he get it together and go the Justin Timberlake route?

Justin Bieber's bodyguard doesn't have to work too hard to restrain himCredit: FameFlynet

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard doesn’t have to work too hard to restrain him
Credit: FameFlynet