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We’ve all said stuff in the heat of the moment that we’ve subsequently regretted but for celebrities it’s a million times worse. The latest is Justin Bieber’s dig at Lindsay Lohan’s money issues as he defended himself following a couple of weeks of bad press.

He posted a statement on Instagram which he finished with “To those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements :)”, before quickly deleting it and reposting without any reference to Lohan.

Check out the original and edited posts below.

Justin Bieber's original Instagram rant blasting Lindsay Lohan

Justin Bieber’s original Instagram rant blasting Lindsay Lohan

Justin Bieber's edited Instagram message with no mention of Lohan

Justin Bieber’s edited Instagram message with no mention of Lohan

Personally I think if you have the conviction to write something down [and from the various grammar and spelling errors, it’s most likely he did it himself] and post it on the internet, then you should have the balls to stand by your sentiments!

However, what I find most interesting about Justin’s backtracking is that he didn’t even apologise to Lindsay, just acknowledged mentioning her took the attention off the point he was trying to make, which is basically, that he is not going off the rails, oh and that he is super talented [but clearly not modest].

He told TMZ: “My post was only up for a few minutes but I realized right away that what I said at the end was wrong and distracted from what I was trying to say.

“I immediately deleted it and rewrote it so it would show what I was really feeling and those words are up now.”

It’s a sign of how far Lindsay has fallen that she has become the butt of jokes and no one is worried about offending her. Plenty of other celebrities have had tax troubles in recent times including fellow former child star Britney Spears, but Justin didn’t bash her. Because Britney still has a lot of goodwill towards her, while Lohan, it is almost universally agreed, doesn’t deserve our sympathy!

[Sidenote: Some friends of mine in the industry used to be pretty close to LiLo and say they tried to help when things started going bad for her a few years ago. But when all she did was hit them up for money, they finally gave up and realised [in their words] “she didn’t want to be helped, she just wanted to party”.]

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

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