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Backstreet Boys vs Leonardo DiCaprio

Yesterday (20.04.13), I went to the Backstreet Boys 20th anniversary fan celebration at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. I was covering it for work but honestly, I really went because I love Backstreet Boys. Although, I have got nothing on most of the fans there when it comes to BSB love but that deserves a post all of its own.

The guys were telling some stories of their adventures from the past 20 years and this one from A.J. McLean might be one of my favourite celebrity stories ever….

We were at the MTV Europe Music Awards in London [in 1996] and at a club afterwards I needed the bathroom. I told my security guys I was fine to go upstairs on my own and back then I used to wear way too many accessories so I was wearing a pair of goggles with my outfit. I saw Leonardo DiCaprio and said ‘Hey man, I’m a huge fan’ and he just looked at me, grabbed my goggles and pinged them back in my face. He had two huge bodyguards with him so there was nothing I could do.”

In 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio was hitting the big time with Romeo & Juliet and Backstreet Boys had just released their debut album Backstreet Boys in Europe.

Check out 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio [he has never looked as good since] and A.J. wearing his ridiculous goggles and tell me, even if you are a BSB fan, you wouldn’t have been tempted to do the same!

Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo

Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo

A.J. McLean over-accessorising

A.J. McLean over-accessorising

And as a bonus trip down memory lane, here’s the Romeo & Juliet trailer and Backstreet Boys’ Get Down video. Enjoy!


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