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Channeling Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is renowned for doing his own stunts, one of the most memorable is in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol when Ethan Hunt runs down the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building. but you can check out some others here.

Next week I will be attempting to emulate Mr. Cruise by taking part in a Jack Reacher training day where me and some other (lucky/unlucky? I haven’t quite decided yet) journalists will be put through our paces by the stunt co-ordinators from the 2012 movie.

The email invite says..

‘Can you: Take out five guys simultaneously?

‘Chase down a suspect at high speed in a stolen car?

‘Disable your opponents in a brutal, no-holds-barred street fight?


‘Then you need to come to the Jack Reacher training day!’

I highly doubt I’ll be able to do any of this after the day but the chance to head to a movie studio here in Los Angeles and be trained by some of the top stunt guys in the business is pretty exciting.

It also warns us to ‘wear comfortable clothes, preferably something you don’t mind getting blood on’. I really hope they mean fake movie blood and not my own but I guess all will be revealed next week.

I’ll post a review of my day afterwards…if I can move!

Check out the Jack Reacher trailer below






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