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Celebrity spotting and an impromptu WeHo pub crawl

Some friends were visiting from London at the weekend so we went for lunch at Chateau Marmont

I’ve been there for a dinner a few times when I’ve had visitors as it’s one of those places that is just synonymous with Hollywood and celebrity spotting. The food is seriously good with, shock of all shocks in this town, large portions, and is surprisingly reasonably priced.

Clearly Sunday lunch is the time to go if you want celeb sightings though as there were well known faces everywhere we turned.

Selma Blair was working the room and seemed to be at yet another table chatting everytime I looked, Harold Perrineau (who despite more recent roles in Lost and Zero Dark Thirty will always be Mercutio from Romeo & Juliet to me) was having a low-key lunch with friends and Rob Kazinsky (Irish and Brits will know him as Sean Slater from EastEnders, for everyone else he’s in season six of True Blood) was also hanging out.

We then moved on to Pink Taco just in time for happy hour, where we ended up sitting beside Josh Henderson (Dallas’ John Ross Ewing), who was there with a group of friends but without his rumoured girlfriend Ashley Greene.

[The randomness of Hollywood, I spent last weekend sick in bed watching back to back episodes of Dallas and the following Sunday sitting beside John Ross!]

After that we spent the day checking out some other hotspots in West Hollywood. The Den might be my new favourite place and if you go, ask Travis the barman for his special Swedish lemonade [It definitely contains more vodka than lemonade but it tastes so good!]. We met a major Whitney Houston fan and ended up singing Whitney songs with most of the other customers! Rock and Reilly’s Irish Pub  is another Sunset Boulevard institution and we hit up The London before finishing up at one of my personal favourites The Standard.


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