Will Smith blames Twitter for Bieber’s problems, Bieber thanks him on Twitter

After Will Smith cites Twitter as the cause of many of Justin Bieber’s problems, what does Bieber do? Takes to Twitter to thank him!

Will gave an interview to Capital FM in London [listen here] where he said he did just as much stupid stuff as Justin when he was 19 but luckily there was no Twitter or smart phones to capture every moment so he could get away with it in private.

Justin then decided to thank Will by posting a link to Capital FM on Twitter, which kind of goes against what Will was saying …

‘Will Smith is the man! @officialjaden u r cool too 🙂

I’m sure he has his number and could send him a quick text to say thanks but obviously everything has to be done publicly these days.

Speaking of … Justin has decided to keep us all guessing about his relationship with Selena Gomez by posting a picture of them hugging on his Instagram account with the caption

‘You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle’ – her.”

[c] Justin Bieber Instagram

[c] Justin Bieber Instagram

At first I thought this meant they were back together but Beliebers, who know everything there is to know about their idol, have pointed out he’s missing his new tiger tattoo from his left arm so who knows.

He might claim to hate all the attention but it’s pretty obvious Justin loves it.


Lost in Translation….The Rock’s recent injury

I was pretty relieved to see this tweet from The Rock today about his emergency hernia surgery.

‘Surgery a success! Dr repaired 3 hernial tears (fun pain). Superman is on the mend.. #WeFallWeRise’

The Rock recovering after surgery

The Rock recovering after surgery

Not because I’m happy he was rushed to hospital but when he had to pull out of the Pain & Gain premiere in Hollywood on Monday, there was some confusion as to what exactly was wrong with him.

I’m not sure where the message got lost in translation but what most of the press took away from the explanation was that The Rock had injured his penis!

While three hernial tears sounds pretty awful, it seems better than the alternative. I was imagining The Rock having to wear something like the cast Schmidt donned in New Girl when he broke his penis. Or who can forget the Grey’s Anatomy episode when McSteamy had a similar injury.

I’m happy to hear The Rock didn’t suffer the same fate, no one wants to see him have to wear this ….

Schmidt working out a way to shower despite his penis cast

Schmidt working out a way to shower despite his penis cast

Backstreet’s Back…

One of the more exciting parts of my weekend was covering the Backstreet Boys 20th Anniversary Fan Celebration at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday. Of course I wasn’t as excited as the people who camped out from 8pm on Friday, or those who paid $150 for a meet and greet [ie a quick hello and a picture if you’re lucky] but I’ll admit I did struggle to contain my inner fangirl when Brian Littrell walked past me.

Along with doing interviews with the press, a Q & A with the fans and giving a sneak peek of their upcoming documentary, the group gave the crowd a preview of their new album and for any BSB fans out there, I’m happy to say it’s a return to form. Uber producer Max Martin [ who is responsible for Quit Playing Games, Everybody and I Want It That Way, to name just a few] is back and his influence is clear on the new record.

We heard eight songs [full album which was also produced by Prophet and Morgan will be 13 plus bonus tracks] and the guys gave a little bit of background on each.

Soldier: Nick and Howie wrote this one and it’s a typical, upbeat BSB song. Instantly recognisable as one of theirs.

Breathe: This is similar to any slower song on a typical BSB album

Trust Me: More acoustic driven, none of the group wrote this but they all agreed they instantly fell in love with it and had to have it on the album.

Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of: This was inspired by the Backstreet Babies and Kevin started crying twice when talking about it, once during press interviews and again with the fans.

In Your Arms: Howie and Nick teamed up to write this dance track.

Madeleine: More guitar led and co-written by AJ, who wanted to write something about the epidemic of bullying.

Try: James Morrison wrote this and AJ takes lead vocals. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Morrison song, quite soulful.

Permanent Stain or PS: Even more so than Soldier, this is classic Backstreet Boys, just a pity about the terrible title!

Check out a mash-up below 


Releasing Reese Witherspoon’s inner bitch…

For years I’ve been hearing from people in the industry that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are the polar opposites of their America’s sweethearts personas.

Although Jennifer’s reputation has [so far] remained intact, Reese’s took a hit after she was arrested for disorderly contact while drunk and was briefly jailed in Atlanta over the weekend.

I’m sure you all know the details by now, Reese’s husband Jim Toth blew a .139 on the breathalyzer when pulled over for erratic driving in Atlanta on Friday and Reese pulled the ‘Don’t you know who I am card?’ with the arresting officer. Variety has the full details. 

If you dig deep enough on the internet, you’ll come up with stories on Reese’s [alleged] bitchiness but one of my favourites is from Mallrats and Clerks director Kevin Smith, who hates Witherspoon so much he wants to egg her house. 

When you’re on top you’re easily protected but as has been pointed out in the last few days, Reese hasn’t had a hit in a while. Are we going to be inundated with a flood of stories about her less than angelic behaviour now or will she manage to sweep all of this under the rug? It’s going to be interesting to watch how this all plays out.

And of course, any excuse to post Reese’s mugshot….why is she smiling? And not looking at the camera?

His 'n' Hers mugshots...Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth

His ‘n’ Hers mugshots…Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth

Backstreet Boys vs Leonardo DiCaprio

Yesterday (20.04.13), I went to the Backstreet Boys 20th anniversary fan celebration at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. I was covering it for work but honestly, I really went because I love Backstreet Boys. Although, I have got nothing on most of the fans there when it comes to BSB love but that deserves a post all of its own.

The guys were telling some stories of their adventures from the past 20 years and this one from A.J. McLean might be one of my favourite celebrity stories ever….

We were at the MTV Europe Music Awards in London [in 1996] and at a club afterwards I needed the bathroom. I told my security guys I was fine to go upstairs on my own and back then I used to wear way too many accessories so I was wearing a pair of goggles with my outfit. I saw Leonardo DiCaprio and said ‘Hey man, I’m a huge fan’ and he just looked at me, grabbed my goggles and pinged them back in my face. He had two huge bodyguards with him so there was nothing I could do.”

In 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio was hitting the big time with Romeo & Juliet and Backstreet Boys had just released their debut album Backstreet Boys in Europe.

Check out 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio [he has never looked as good since] and A.J. wearing his ridiculous goggles and tell me, even if you are a BSB fan, you wouldn’t have been tempted to do the same!

Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo

Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo

A.J. McLean over-accessorising

A.J. McLean over-accessorising

And as a bonus trip down memory lane, here’s the Romeo & Juliet trailer and Backstreet Boys’ Get Down video. Enjoy!

I am Jack Reacher…

…Well not really, but I tried. You might remember I mentioned last week about the Jack Reacher training day I was going to for work.  It took place on Wednesday at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and was way more fun than I expected.

First of all, it was pretty great to get to spend the whole day on the lot. We were on New York Street, which as you would expect, is designed to look like typical New York streets, with everything from apartment buildings to a subway entrance.

Every time I step on to a movie studio lot I consider quitting journalism for anything to do with the film industry, as they’re just such magical places to be. But unfortunately that’s not likely to happen!

Anyway, Jack Reacher has Tom being his usual action star self, doing everything from stunt driving to winning fights even when he is hopelessly outnumbered of course.

Joey Box from the stunt driving team talked us through the car chase scenes that Tom took part in and we even got the chance to drive around the lot in the iconic  V8-powered Chevrolet Chevelle  from the movie. An environmentally conscious car this is not, I was practically choking from all of the fumes it was giving off but it is pretty badass and looks awesome.

There’s one scene in the movie where Jack Reacher faces off against five guys, memorably saying ‘Remember, you asked for this,’ before taking out three while the other two run off in fear.

We had Rob Alonzo [assistant stunt coordinator and fight coordinator] and his stunt men perform this sequence for us and they even taught us how to do it ourselves. They showed a basic 10 step plan which after practicing [a lot] we acted out, with them as the bad guys, and the whole thing was recorded. I will not be posting it here as I look like an absolute idiot but it was so much fun and the guys couldn’t have been any sweeter. Even though most of us were terrible, they were incredibly encouraging and threw themselves into every take so we all got some fun footage.

Many of these guys have worked with Tom in the past and not surprisingly the overwhelming consensus is that he is “intense”. They said he’s better than many of the stunt guys out there and would be on set working on his fight scenes until 2am before being back at 6am for shooting. That’s dedication but after I struggled to get the 10 steps for one tiny fight scene right, I can only imagine how much work goes into doing all your own stunts for a full movie.

I might not agree with his insistence on sticking with scary Scientology but I definitely don’t doubt Cruise’s work ethic!

Jack Reacher is released on DVD in the UK on April 22

Paramount Studios

Paramount Studios


Jack Reacher's V8-powered Chevrolet Chevelle 

Jack Reacher’s V8-powered Chevrolet Chevelle


stunt cars

stunt cars


Assistant stunt coordinator Rob Alonzo (left) and stunt coordinator Paul Jennings (right)

Assistant stunt coordinator Rob Alonzo (left) and stunt coordinator Paul Jennings (right)

Me, attempting to be as tough as Cruise and failing miserably

Me, attempting to be as tough as Cruise and failing miserably

Little Green Cars at Troubadour

Little Green Cars have been getting a lot of buzz lately, winning rave reviews for their performances at festivals including SXSW and Coachella, not to mention all of those Mumford & Sons comparisons.

The Dublin five-piece – Stevie Appleby, Faye O’Rourke, Adam O’Regan, Donagh Seaver O’Leary and Dylan Lynch – are even signed to Glassnote Records, Mumford’s US label.

To see what all the fuss is about [and to support my fellow countrymen and woman], I decided to check out their gig at the Troubadour in Los Angeles last night and was not disappointed.

I only knew a few of their songs beforehand but it really doesn’t matter with a band last this, you’ll still find yourself dancing along. With a set lasting about an hour they ran through all the tunes you’ll have heard of including The John Wayne, Harper Lee, Kitchen Floor and My Love Took Me Down To The River and many you haven’t.

While they are all talented musicians, this band’s main strength lies in the fact that they can all sing.

Highlights of the night were The John Wayne, which as probably their best known song got the entire crowd singing along and the finale when the entire band came down from the stage into the middle of the crowd for Consequences Of Not Sleeping. Stevie was the only one armed with a guitar, while the others showed off the group’s incredible harmonies for a stunning finish. Everyone left knowing we had seen something pretty special.

Little Green Cars at Troubadour

Little Green Cars at Troubadour

Stevie Appleby

Stevie Appleby