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Why I now love David Arquette

I can be pretty fickle when it comes to celebrities. Aside from a few firm favourites, I change my mind on which stars I love from one week to the next. However, after interviewing David Arquette this morning, I think he might jump to the top of the list.

First of all he broke two of the golden celeb rules. Instead of keeping me waiting like many do, David was early for our interview and he called me without a publicist! Small things I know, but after waiting ages for some ‘stars’ to call in the past [Rumer Willis – four hours!] or having a PR rep jump in whenever they weren’t happy with a question, it was a welcome relief to have an easy, free flowing conversation with him.

This could have something to do with David recently turning journalist for the Oscars where he spent the evening in the press room. Check out the Hollywood Reporter for a funny insight into how that went down.

He told me it made him appreciate how difficult it can be for the press at big events like that and he admitted he was surprised by how badly some journalists are treated. A celebrity sticking up for the press, makes a nice change!

The other reason is that nothing was off limits. I didn’t get a list of what I could and couldn’t bring up as is happening more and more lately. Fair enough, he didn’t really want to talk about certain things but instead of turning grumpy, angry or, and this is a personal pet peeve, pretending the connection had dropped out [I’m looking at you Dizzee Rascal], he artfully deflected away from them without making me feel like an asshole for asking!

Obviously he’s a performer and was promoting a product [in this case hosting a pop up version of his L.A. club Bootsy Bellows at Le Bar du Plaza Athenee in Paris during Fashion Week] but you would be surprised by how many stars act like they’re doing you a favour when interviewing them about their movie/single/TV show etc.

So yeah I know it’s a sad state of affairs when you have to praise someone for acting like a decent human being but there you go!

I’ll post the full interview soon but for now, enjoy David talking about boobies for a good cause.


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